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  1. Jumping, blood sucking parasites that bite dogs are called _____.
  2. Although it was said to come from France, the curly haired ______ actually originated in Germany.
  3. A popular Disney movie featuring dogs is Lady and the _____.
  4. Dogs that do ______ ___ ______ are trained to find lost people. (3 words)
  5. Dogs have strong _____ that they use for chewing bones.
  6. A _______ is a popular, gentle handheld training device for dogs.
  7. The ______ Shepherd Dog is a commonly used guide dog for the blind.
  8. The tallest breed of dog is the _____ Wolfhound.
  9. A ________ dog is trained to work with soldiers.
  10. A dog that is used to track game that is being hunted by using its sense of smell is a _____.
  11. The _________ is the fastest breed of dog and people gamble on their races.
  12. The oldest American breed of dogs is the American _____________ dating back to 1650.
  13. The English _______ is a short, stocky dog that is the mascot of the United States Marine Corps and many other organizations.
  14. The smallest breed of dog in the world is the _________.
  15. A dog that helps a person with a disability is known as an __________ dog.
  16. A __________ dog is trained to act as a bodyguard to the person who owns it.


  1. Some dogs used to be kept on ships to perform a _____ ______ if someone fell overboard.
  2. The Golden _________ is a gentle dog first used by duck hunters.
  3. The large, black and tan __________ was first a butcher's dog that could also herd cattle.
  4. A K-9 is another name for a ______ dog.
  5. The ______ Collie is said to be the smartest breed of dog.
  6. A _____ dog serves the function of watching out for intruders and barking to alert its owners.
  7. The largest known adult dog was an English _______.
  8. A dog that chases a ball and brings is back is said to know how to _____.
  9. The long backed _________ is the smallest breed of dog used for hunting.
  10. Most dog breeds, such as the Doberman, today were first developed in the European country of _______.
  11. The small, black Scottish _______ breed of dog is part of the Roosevelt Memorial.
  12. Breeds of dog that are bred to perform certain tasks are called _______ dog breeds.
  13. Dogs are often referred to as man's best ______.
  14. Dogs were domesticated from ______.
  15. A ____ is a slang term used for a mixed breed dog.
  16. The breed of dog called the _______, otherwise known as the Congo Dog, does not bark.

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